Upgrade your stay at Krepelin by buying one or more of our service packages, which are Wellness, History and Instagram.


The Wellness package is provided by Krepelin’s neighbour Ayur Veda Nordic and it is based on the ayur veda philosophy.

The term “ayur veda” comes from the sanskrit language and means “the knowledge of life” (ayur = life, veda = knowledge). It is a five thousand year old form of medical science originating from India and its objective is the perfect possible health. This is achieved by balancing the connection between body and mind, which easily gets disturbed in our hectic life.

The Krepelin Wellness package includes an ayurvedic health consultation, and ayurvedic treatment and product bag.

Price 119 EUR / person, incl. VAT. Duration approximately 2 hours. Please make inquiries directly at The treatment and the consultation are done in the Ayur Veda Nordic premises close by to Krepelin or, if you wish, an adapted version can be arranged in your Krepelin apartment.

Krepelin Wellness package includes this ayurvedic health consultation


The Krepelin History package begins with a one-hour guided tour about the birth and early years of the town from the 17th century onwards. We then proceed to the Lebell Merchant House, where you’ll see how a wealthy merchant family lived in the 18th century in Kristiinankaupunki. When possible, the visit can be arranged also outside their official opening hours.

We finish off with a coffee or tea and baked goods done with 19th century recipies served at the Krepelin Salong and tell the story of the Krepelin yard itself from the 18th century to the present day.

Price 50 EUR / person incl. VAT. Duration 2 hours. Inquiries: please use the form on this page or call.

Krepelin History package in action


In the Krepelin Instagram package Harri, the Creative Director of Krepelin takes you by foot or by Krepelin’s own bikes to the most instagrammable sites and locations in Kristiinankaupunki that only the locals know. A few of them listed here.

You’ll use your own mobile phone for selfies and additionally we’ll also use it to catch you and the sights from beautiful angles. You just need to do the filtering, though with what we have here in Kristiinankaupunki rarely requires any editing. Hashtag #beautifulKristinestad.

In the end you’ll have dozens of great photos ready to be posted in your feed as well as a list of even more sites to explore on your own.

Price 25 EUR / person incl. VAT. Duration 1 hour. Please make inquiries with the form on this page or call.

Krepelin Instagram packaging in action